Go-Leaf Hot Stamp Foils

Gottscho hot stamp foils print on a variety of materials including packaging films, kwik-lok tabs, labels, poly bags, plastic boxes and crates, plastic pipe and tubing, wire and cable jackets, and wood products. Our foils are manufactured with you in mind and can be customized for your application.

  Economical -
Flexible -
Sized Right -
More Productivity -
Colorful -
Environmentally Friendly -
Priced with your budget in mind.
Can work with a variety manufacturer’s units.
Stocked in standard sizes or custom slit to your specifications.
We can supply longer rolls for less changeovers.
Offer a wide range of colors to match your substrate graphics.
Non-toxic, heavy-metal free ink formulations.

Contact us today to see how we can start saving you money and improving your performance.

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