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GOTTJET PLUS • Thermal Ink Jet Printer


• Power – 120VA @ 120V/1PH/50-60HZ
• Compressed Air – NONE
• Dimension – Based on Pen Configuration
• Print Head Orientation – Horizontal or Vertical Down
• Package or Substrate Tracking – Encoder 200 PPI



• Non Contact Printing 100% Programmable – Ideal for Serialization or Variable Data Applications
• Uses Proven HP Ink Cartridges for the Ink Delivery system. Bulk Ink Delivery Systems are available for high demand printing applications.
• Wide range of inks for printing on most any surface – Environmentally Friendly Inks
• Print Resolution up to 600 DPI based on Substrate
• Flexible Print Height Area - Print Heads can be coupled together to create a print height that meets your application. Print Head Increments of .5” (12.7mm)
• Print Speeds up to 100 Inches Per Second based on application and resolution requirements
• Providing smudge proof, clear excellent quality prints.
• Prints Text, Graphics (Logos) & ISO Print Quality Barcodes (Linear, Matrix or Stacked)
• Local Operator Interface to select and run a print job
• PC Software for configuring print jobs locally or remotely.
• No maintenance, Easy Clean Operation, Ink delivery systems eliminates unwanted ink spills

Gottjet Plus-linecard.pdf
Gottjet Plus-linecard.pdf
Gottscho Brochure.pdf
Gottscho Brochure.pdf

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